The Euroa Arboretum

DSCN9433The Euroa Arboretum sits on 27-hectare site three kilometres south of Euroa. It was originally part of a sheep farm and in the 1980s was a storage depot for materials and heavy machinery used to build the Hume Freeway.

Since 1990, with constant dedication from a Committee of Management, a Friends group and regular volunteers, the Euroa Arboretum is now a beautiful place to visit. Why not bring a picnic, take a walk along our paths among native plants, or relax with a fishing rod next to our dam.

The Euroa Arboretum’s extensive native plant nursery is open to the public on Mondays. (Click HERE to view the 2015 Plant Catalog).  We produce indigenous seed for revegetation projects and even boast a Bush Crew for hire – skilled individuals who can carry out your environmental works.

So whether you are interested in undertaking revegetation projects, want some native plants to put in your garden or just feel like a walk through the bush, the Euroa Arboretum is the place to go.



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  1. Hi ARB persons
    When are you having a ‘Single Planting Day’?
    Look up LandCare site for details.
    Stay strong

    • Thanks Tess – will check out the “Single Planting Day” – maybe a “Divorcees Day” or a “Four Wives Day” or . . . . . . – you may have started something big here ! Good to know we’ve been discovered by others outside the Inner Circle – might see you down at the Farmers Market this weekend ? Shirl

  2. I shall be there on Saturday with The Kelly after 10am.
    I have a few ideas for links on this site.

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